Moss Bluff Strong

After the dark days of Laura and the ongoing struggle with the pandemic, it is an uplifting sight to see people returning more and more to the weekly Farmers Market and Swap on the Parkway. It is also a great testimony to the spirit and resilience of Moss Bluff locals.

The Farmers Market and Swap first launched in the summer of 2016 with around 10 vendors, including Rolling in Dough Bread Company, Greentown Soaps, and Terri\’s Treats.

Even during the hardest days of the pandemic, the Market managed to stay open due to its outdoor nature, and provided an invaluable service to the community, allowing them to preserve at least some degree of normality.

The Market is managed by an enthisiastic and dedicated committee that includes Linda Harvey Fontenot, Mike Jordan, Patricia Touchstone, and Sylvia Giroir. It is now running at capacity for its location on the Parkway, and a limit has had to be put on similar type vendors.

On a festive note, Mr and Mrs Clause will be putting in an appearance at the Market on December 11 from 9AM to 11AM. Parents, bring your kids along to meet them as an early Christmas treat.

So, whether you\’re looking for pickles or preserves, home made bread and cakes, local crafts or just a great pulled pork sandwich, check out the Moss Bluff Farmers Market and Swap. It is open every Saturday morning from 8AM -12PM at 325 Sam Houston Jones Parkway (next to McDonalds).