Furry Christmas

Anyone visiting the local Walmart after dark recently is likely to have encountered more than just fellow residents with karts full of Christmas shopping.

A large family of raccoons has made itself at home in the surrounding woodland and make regular ventures onto the store\’s parking lot in search of food. Indeed, a number of locals have taken to leaving fruit and other snacks for the furry creatures. Some reports put the size of the clan in excess of a dozen. In response, Walmart has erected signs asking customers not to feed the animals, though it is not clear how much the advice is being heeded.

Because the store is on private land there is little the parish authorities can do to assist in the situation. It is believed that Walmart previously employed a professional trapper to remove the creatures, though they have either returned or the colony was much greater than thought.

The subject has been a source of lively debate among Moss Bluff residents, though in the interests of journalistic fairness we sought out a representative of the family for their side of the story. \”Them folks with them karts never look where they going,\” Henri said. \”Me and Therese nearly wound up as pair of hats the other night. Anyhow, we complained to the company and they say they looking at fitting horns \’n\’ fenders on all karts in the new year.\”